Woman at the Bar

App features

What we are working on...

  • Pickup Line Generator

  • Lucid Test

  • Picture Meshing

  • POS Drink Coupon QR Codes to buy chat users drinks at your local bars

  • Advertising for Bar Owner Accounts

  • Safety protocols "Stalker Chalkers"

  • One time Current picture logins so you know the current photo is for this login, no more "CatFishing" No Fake Profiles

  • Real-Time Location 100 yards radius when using the app (Logged in)

  • Revenue generation advertising and marketing code.

  • Status - Preference - Availability settings. 

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Awkward OX  is a Bar Entertainment App for Apple and Android

This app is currently being produced as well as a kickstarter being created for donations to pay for coding. If you are a VC Investor or an Angel looking to invest , please contact us about that option - We are interested in partnering with a firm or individual who would like to invest - Currently seeking 35k - 65k for coding expenses and Marketing Launch. Expected 6/2022 for launch on Apple and Android platforms.